Tantric Healing Bodywork North America & Sensual Bodywork with Devi Bliss!

North America's Authentic Dakini and Intimacy Coach based in Florida

Greetings Tantric North America!

Welcome to my urban Temple, a serene sanctuary dedicated to deep relaxation and intense arousal, a sacred space with a sensual ambiance. As a Certified Tantrika, I apply my knowing touch and sensuous body to bestow a wealth of erotic gifts upon you. Your whole being will pulsate with potent, pleasurable sexual energy. Together, we connect breath with sexual energy to explore the ancient art and soul of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality.

Each session is individualized to suit your unique interests and needs.
  • Deepening intimacy
  • Sustaining relationships
  • Dancing of masculine and feminine energies
  • Passionate pleasure
  • Daily Devotion for couples
  • Tantric love for enhancing connection

For Men

Join me on an exciting journey to harness and master your sexual energy.

Explore body-to body, ejaculation choice, expanding pleasure thresholds, sexual health, intimate communication skills and more.

For Women

Release all built up tension by generously and freely reviving your core energy; channeling and guiding the flow throughout your body in an atmosphere of safety and comfort where you can relax.

For Couples

Learn to please each other and achieve together your unique wants and needs through Conscious Loving and Sacred Sex.

Connect with each other on all levels to build a more intimate relationship.

Surrender to my Divine Tantric Touch

Join me on an amazing journey into the blissful realms of ORGASMIC FULL BODY ECSTASY!

Enjoy attentive Goddess nurturing as you reclaim your masculine passion.

Discover the secrets of female anatomy and making love to a woman.

Explore the intense beauty of the female g-spot and amrita.

Learn how to establish sexual intimacy in a safe, nurturing environment.

An experienced Sacred Intimate and passionate Tantric Muse, I am North America’s premiere Sexual Healer. I promise to facilitate your experience of loving in a whole new way. This added insight will allow you to evolve into the Inspired Lover you were destined to be. In our UNRUSHED session, you can UNLEASH your erotic potential to deliciously integrate Body, Mind and Spirit.

Services may also include Rosebud and Sacred Spot/Prostate healing bodywork, G-spot/Yoni Stimulation, Chakra Alignment, Kundalini Activation, Taoist Sexual Techniques, Play/Delay Therapy, Bath Ceremony, and Goddess Worship.

My credentials include:

  • Certified Cranial Sacral Therapy
  • Swedish/Esalen Healing Bodywork
  • Certified Ayurvedic Yoga Healing Bodywork Therapist
  • Sexological Bodyworker
  • Sexual Empowerment Educator
  • Advanced Tantric Trainer
  • MA. Honours Psychology & Human Sexual Studies
  • The Path of the Sexual Shaman w/ Kenneth Ray Stubbs • www.sexualshaman.com
  • -5-day training in Sexual Shamanism (2007)
  • -On-going private practice in Shamanic Transformation

I dare you to bask in warm glow of the forbidden pleasures of a Divine Tantric Touch Healing Bodywork!

Flickering candlelight, ambient music full of promise and soft, fluffy towels enhance the experience. Feel the gentle caress of my firm hands flowing across your heavenly muscles and curves as you surrender into a trance-like state, anticipating the flood of ecstasy to follow. This sensual, relaxing healing bodywork experience allows a woman to release her pent-up stress and re-discover love, intimacy and her authentic Self. A man learns how to deeply surrender to a state of spiritual bliss as he builds his cherished sexual stamina.

In today’s world, lack of self-love has become a societal pandemic. My heartfelt intention is to provide a way out of this limited way of being. As a true dakini, I truly embody the serene, authentic, caring guide who holds space for pivotal shifts in the lives of others.

To those clients who have opened their hearts, minds and bodies to me, I have been deeply honoured to have shared touching moments with you as I continue to learn from you.

I offer a discreet service for discerning Men, Women and Couples.

Together, let us create Intimacy by Becoming Intimate!

Tantra healing bodywork and sexual healing.. my mission

One’s greatest life purpose is to find an inspirational way to attain liberation and enlightenment through Dharma, training of the mind.

~P. Du Soleil

The mission of Divine Tantric Touch is to teach you how to surrender to your truth and authentic self.  I teach you how to master every aspect of your life, to be free and awaken to your physical, emotional and sexual wholeness. Learn how to emerge from the suffering and re-assert your identity. The feminine and masculine are one with love, present in us all.

My heartfelt intention is teach you how to liberate your feelings in action and release the control that blocks your ability to reach your full potential. My aim to liberate the mystique of orgasm and honor this blessing with fullness. Then, you are able to receive life’s rich rewards in every moment. Learn through Tantra how to experience giving and receiving while developing the courage to expand and be more available. So, what is your mission? Whatever it may be, I will guide you towards discovering your mission through my journey that eventually becomes your journey. We need to awaken into our dreams, experiencing our sensual being and manifest its presence. Becoming part of the evolution of change is there for you just waiting to awaken. My  goal is to refine and integrate spirituality and sexuality as an evolutionary process for women and men as one. My focus is to awaken the minds of conscious reality and embrace the truth, to teach you to find your Dharma.

I offer Sexual healing Services for men, women and couples.  I support you in your journey to heal sexual wounds of shame, rape, past relationships and disease as you learn to deepen erotic pleasure. Meanwhile, you will discover how to heighten awareness of your own  sexual energy. Become aware and express sexual boundaries, connect and nourish the inner feelings, increase sexual vitality. Learn what your genuine passion is, and open up to your sensuality and let go of the armor. Your sexual health is a vital aspect of your overall health and emotional well being.

The sacred spot for men and women is an area that holds past pain. Awakening and healing the sacred spot is the beginning of healing the mind.

I specialize in somatic pelvic healing, premature ejaculation,erectile dysfunction, gender orientation, impotency, hyper-sexuality, inability to orgasm, muscular armoring, sexual abuse, rape/trauma recovery, self-pleasuring techniques, sexual objectification, painful intercourse, reproductive concerns (menopause, infertility) amrita and tantric education, body honoring, armor, sacred spot healing,  sexual addiction, performance anxiety, alternative lifestyles, sexual boredom, body image, commitment and intimacy, loss of sexual desire.

During our session, I work with you in the healing process of reclaiming your feminine/masculine self. We will focus on counselling, coaching, breathing, undulation and pelvic somatic work.


  • Move from repression to expression
  • Move through fear, shame, guilt, denial, stigma
  • Develop the ability to love again, re-discover intimacy
  • Balance emotional, physical, sexual wholeness
  • Repair sexual dysfunction and cardiovascular health
  • Become a better lover
  • Break sexual patterns and discover love as your purpose
  • Find what your share in common with your partner
  • Work to make the relations