Tantric Massage Revealed

Gross misuses of the term “tantric massage” abound today as it conjures up a ‘happy-ending’ massage or crass sexual release. However, the role of massage in Tantra runs much deeper. A massage for mere sexual pleasure is best called an erotic massage, leaving the term “tantra massage” to encompass another realm of experience and expertise….

Tantric Intimacy

Over the years, I have a compiled a wealth of exercises for couples of all ages and backgrounds to help boost their intimacy and sense of connectedness. Typically, couples who access tantric coaching are in a secure place in their partnership, not on the brink of divorce. Indeed, they simply wish to boost their intimate…

Riding the Edge: 

Tantric Male Lingam Massage

Men, I invite you to journey into electric sexual heights as you hover in a profound state of orgasmic bliss. During Riding the Edge, you will be able to float erotically yet carefree for extended periods, totally pampered at the hands of a beautiful, blonde, experienced, world-class Dakini. Your sexual energy will tingle and course…