Devi shakti bliss c.t.e.

(certified tantric educator)


During my studies in the mid 90’s, I awakened to my calling of Sacred Intimacy Coach and Sexual healer. Riding a wave of bliss, I began to dance at the Source School of Tantra.

A Dakini is a tantrika who embraces Goddess Shakti by embodying her energy and highest will.

I work with couples and singles to expand their Tantric awareness and the art of conscious loving, expanding orgasm and the limitless amounts of pleasure found in the body.

As an intuitive, I have the gifts and capability to deepen healing on all levels, past and present. I then share the manifestation that arises from the art of sexual magick.

I welcome both Beginner and Advanced students. Sessions are offered in North America. I do love to travel to other Cities in Canada and throughout United States. Please inquire about bringing me to your area.

Devoted to the ancient art of sexual healing and channeling sacred energy, I practice the whole array of tantric awakening ceremonies.

  • Bath and Healing Bodywork
  • Tantric temple dance
  • Goddess worship
  • Yoni Healing for women
  • Goddess Spot Healing Bodywork
  • Male sacred spot Healing Bodywork
  • Ritual healing
  • Healing for couples and singles

This sexual embodiment coach invites you to dance a life of Magick through high tantric sex so that you can create a whole and holy body mind and spirit.

Tantra: Healing Opening, Expanding, Freeing, Liberating

Through the healing and awakening of your sexual energy, you will find yourself in a divine state of grace. Being in love with yourself and opening up to unconditional love for others is very liberating. Your awareness expands with every breath you take as you fully apprehend Kundalini…our essential life force.

Tantric empowerment transforms and enables your subtle energy bodies to merge and engage with the luminosity of another. The objective is to maximize our inherent sexual energy, which enables you to function at a much higher level in all dimensions. Together, we focus on clearing, balancing, and intensifying our energies.

Expand your orgasm to reach limitless amounts of energy to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit.
Open your blocked energy from cellular memories to move you into deep healing.
Totally free your spirit to live a blessed life.
Expand body awareness to reach higher states of pleasure, opening yourself to divine love and ecstasy.

This is Tantra...

Embrace Tantra as you dance your fears into ecstasy.
Move from a state of angst to a waltz of compassion.
Open your heart to unconditional love.
Liberate your mind from worldly illusions.
Dance, my beloved, to ever higher states of consciousness
May the ancient art of tantra bless you.


The Art of Sexual Yoga

Dakini Devi Bliss invites you to explore the power of sexual energy to heal your body, open your heart and expand your spirit into states of unity and bliss.


Through body movement, dance, healing bodywork and energy exercises, this practice opens and reconditions our vitality and capacity for full feeling.


Using effective communication skills and emotional healing, in a safe space of mutual respect, the heart can open to trust and express our most vulnerable feelings.


Through meditation, visualization and sacred ritual, our connection to spirit opens and expands, infusing the sacred into your sexuality.

Tantra and Tantric Buddhism

Meditation is the act of thinking deeply and at length. Most meditation consists of exercises intended to create a state of peace and relaxation, heightened awareness, or spiritual purification. Much meditation is part of a religious practice, and most major religions have systems of meditation.

In some religions, one meditates by repeating specific sounds, words or texts. For example, Hindus and Buddhists meditate by repeating a sound or verse called a Mantra. These texts may be enclosed in a metal cylinder called a prayer wheel. Each turn of the wheel symbolically releases a mantra.

Some meditation involves focusing on a certain visual image. In Tantra, one concentrates on a sacred diagram of the universe called a mandala.
Objects or physical actions may enhance meditation. Some religions meditate while reciting and counting prayers. Yoga, the Hindu meditation system, involves special sitting positions, breathing control and other physical disciplines.

Meditation is akin to contemplation, a spiritual activity that seeks a mystical experience rather than relaxation or awareness.