De-armouring and You


Your armour is a result of blockages created by trauma, tension, faulty
thought patterns and different life experiences. This armor can hinder your
life force from flowing by hardening and desensitizing your physical body.
These pent up emotions can also cloud judgment and make it more difficult
for you to navigate through life’s stormy waters.

De-armouring is also a deep practice to liberation, as in a path of
enlightenment. Basically, you will learn to meet yourself in both pain and
pleasure. Yes, pleasure is just as tough to process as pain. The more we
practice release, the deeper we can connect to our joy, intuition and
vitality. These experiences tend to be so nurturing that we would all
rather face all challenges to live more freely and purposefully.

Thus, you can free yourself from belittling thought patterns,
cultural/social programming, family genetics and religious beliefs. All
matters that armor and chain you to status quo keep you playing small,
controlled by fear and survival. Now, we live in privileged times so our
reptile brain does not need to protect us in the same way as it did 10,000
years ago. Its primal instinct that runs the show. Now, you want to upgrade
to version 2.0 and take control over your life and enjoy the best possible
relationship with yourself and others.

Simply, de-armouring is a way to open up and release this armor that
hinders you from being in healthy alignment so that you can exercise
control over your life.

*What happens in a session. *A de-armouring session can be compared to a
trigger point massage, where deep pressure is put on various points on the
body to release physical, emotional and mental tensions. The points are
external as well as internal, but internal work is only done if or when you
are comfortable with it. Each session is unique, and together we will find
the best possible support for your release and opening.

A session always starts with a consultation, wherein we co-design what will
work best for you. Whether it be sexual awakening, trauma healing, boundary
training, spiritual awakening, soul retrieval or tantric practices, I will
intuitively guide you to delve as deep as possible.

Know that your boundaries will be fully respected at all times and that you
are in highly skilled hands.

*What body parts can be de-armoured?* In short, every part as both body and
mind are potent trigger points. Emotional repression works such as its
stored anywhere where the body chose to store it in the moment of
happening, trauma or tension.

All beings benefit from both external and internal de-armouring. Men can
store a lot of fear and shame in the anus. Women can store a whole range of
emotions in their vagina, cervix and womb, from unwanted sex (even the
slightest compromise before coitus can create armor), as well as abortions,
rape, abuse, birth control devices.

Lastly, many experience deep healing simply through having their genitals
touched with pure, loving intention and presence. De-armouring can happen
just by being held, unconditionally loved, accepted beyond doing,
performing or giving. This is a highly transformative, life-changing