Gayatri Mantra Chanting…The Tantric Touch…


The Gayatri Mantra is the foremost of the Rig Veda mantras from India.

This great mantra of The Sun, as the divine creator, is chanted every day at sunrise and sunset.
The gayatri mantra can be chanted for the goal of harmonizing the influence of The Sun and all the other planets..


This power mantra has 24 syllables within its words.


Om bhur bhuvah swaha


tat savitur varenyam
bhargo devasya dhimahi


dhiyo yo nah prachodayat



Oh God, the Protector, the fabric of life, Who is self-existent, free from all pain, and Whose contact frees the soul from all troubles, Who knows and pervades the universe, sustaining everything, the Creator, Energizer, and Illuminator of the whole universe, the Giver of happiness, Who is worthy of acceptance, the most excellent, Who is pure and the purifier of all, let us embrace that very God, so that He may direct our mental awareness in the right direction.

The Gayatri mantra invokes the spiritual Sun and draws in spiritual light from the 7 upper heavenly realms, or lokas, into our body. Specifically, it energizes each of our 7 chakras with pure spiritual energy. Its main function is to literally enlighten our intellect. 
Chanted over time, one’s aura is filled with great spiritual light of armor that can proactively shield against everyday harm. The intellect improves manifold, and one feels at peace with God.
Those who want wealth get wealth. Those who want health get health. Those who desire liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth attains moksha. 
To hear the pronunciation, here is a wonderfully sung version of the mantra by Deva Premal:
The Gayatri has been chanted all over India from time immemorial, and the Deva kingdom has learnt to understand it and respond to it in a very striking manner…a manner which is in itself most significant, as showing that, in an antiquity so remote that even the memory of it has been forgotten, the altruistic use of such mantras was fully comprehended and practiced.
It begins always with the sacred word Om, and with the enumeration of the planes upon which its action is desired– the three worlds in which man lives, the physical, the astral and the mental. As each plane is mentioned, the Devas belonging to that plane flock round the singer with joyous enthusiasm to do the work which by the recitation of the mantra he is about to give them. In India, Shiva is sometimes called Nilakantha, the Blue-Throated, and that there is a legend connected with that title. Some of the Angels who respond when the Gayatri is chanted bear that characteristic of the blue throat, and are clearly first-ray in type.
This wonderful mantra is an invocation to the Sun– of course really to the Solar Logos, who stands behind that grandest of all symbols; and the great shaft of light which immediately pours down upon and into the reciter comes as though from the physical Sun, in whatever direction that Sun may happen to be. This shaft of light is white tinged with gold, and shot with that electric blue which is so often seen in connection with any manifestation of the power of the first Ray; but when it has filled the very soul of the reciter it promptly shoots from him again in seven great rays or cones having the colours of the spectrum. It is as though the singer acts as a prism; yet the colour-rays which dart forth are of a shape the reverse of what we usually find in such cases. 
Commonly when we send out rays of spiritual force they spring forth from a point in the body– the heart, the brain, or another centre; and as they shoot out they steadily broaden fanwise, as do those shining from a lighthouse. But these rays start from a basis wider than the man himself– a basis which is the circumference of his aura; and instead of widening out they decrease to a point, just as do the rays of a conventional star except that they are of course cones of light instead of mere triangles.


Gayatri  is a good mantra. Each syllable bestows a different virtue and blessing and covers the entire spectrum of desirable experiences, acquisitions, qualities and attributes.



This is one of my favorite mantras. Here is a version from my friend Stuart Wilde that I have on my website:…
Here is incredible rendition of the Gayatri Mantra, both visually and sonically, created by Stuart Wilde and Richard Tyler. While you listen, use the simple mudhra (hand position) of having your hands on your legs, palms up, with the tips of your thumb and middle finger touching on both hands.
We meditate upon the radiant Divine Light of the Sun of Spiritual Consciousness; May it awaken our intuitional consciousness.









The primeval sound, Brahman, the One, the Godhead, Supreme Deity














The physical world, earth, existence














Consciousness, the world of becoming














The celestial, spiritual world














That; God; transcendental Paramatma














Savitri, the Spiritual Sun (that from which all is born), the One Light, the all-pervading Consciousness














Most excellent, adorable, fit to be worshipped, venerable, worthy of being sought














Radiance, effulgence, splendor (the light that bestows understanding)














Resplendent, supreme Lord, divine, of the deity














We meditate upon, or may we meditate upon, reflect upon, be devoted to














The intellect, prayer, noble thoughts, intuition, understanding of Reality














He who, the one who




























Enlighten, may he energize, direct, inspire, guide, unfold



The following signs are perceptible in those faithful devotees long engaged in Gayatri Sadhana.
1. Magnetic personality, lustre in eyes, force in speech and brilliance, sobriety and steadiness are visible on the face of such a person. Persons coming in his contact are instantly influenced by him and gladly offer to do his bidding.
2. The Sadhak feels within himself presence of divine brilliance. He feels that a new power is working within him.
3. He takes interest in noble deeds and has an aversion for viciousness. He feels sorry and sincerely repents if he commits any mistake inadvertently. He does not get puffed up in moments of success and prosperity nor does he lose his balance in the hour of calamity and crisis.
4. He has an inkling of coming events. In the beginning, it is just a hunch but gradually he acquires exact knowledge of future events.
5. His curse and blessings materialize. If he is painfully hurt and curses anybody such a person is bound to face calamity. If he is pleased with and blesses anybody from his heart the person so blessed is bound to be benefited.
6. He can read the thoughts of others. Nothing can be concealed from him. His inner vision can seee the virtues, defects, thoughts and conduct of a person.
7. He can implant thoughts into the mind of others and can convey messages to those in far off places without the help of any material medium of communication.
8. Atmosphere around him is calm, and pious. Persons sitting close to him feel  peace, piety and righteousness.
9. He can donate a part of histapasya, age or power to anybody and the beneficiary gets benefited without making any effort. Such a person can do Shaktipat (transfer his divine powers to others).
10. He sees flood of divine light of different colours in dreams as well as while awake and during meditation and hears divine sounds. Some celestial power and presence appears to be his constant companion and playmate. He gets marvellous divine experiences