The Elusive Female Orgasm has Now Been Conquered.

Deep Sexual Release can now be triggered at any time!

Research shows women can have a hard time achieving orgasm during intercourse. Women often blame their lack of response on their partner. But climax lies within Her control. In fact, a woman can have 8 different types of very satisfying orgasms. You’ll discover these in Awakening a Woman’s Orgasm.


Master these techniques, men, and she’ll never say “no” again.


The 8 different types of female orgasms and how you can attain each of them


The stroke technique that will bring you the most pleasure during intercourse – and what vacuum has to do with it


The two “Orgasmic awakeners” – what they are and how you can use them


The pleasures of masturbation for women – Why creating a pleasure attitude is healthy

How to evoke full orgasmic experiences


What the “Pelvic Squeeze” is and when to do it


Positive body image and how it affects love AND your sexual appetite


The easiest access to female orgasm and how pheromones play a key role part for getting there


Fire and water – how it relates to desire


How ancient breathing techniques can deepen an orgasm


How to build your pelvic muscles for added sensitivity


The role breasts play in orgasms and how to use them to their fullest potential


How to remain focused on your pleasure while maintaining your partners pleasure


How the “Conch Shell” nerve works


Common vaginal myths dispelled


Why you must let go of control


How you can get rid of restraining “Good Girl” sexual messages


Love and how it affects a woman’s sexual appetite


Sex toys that can add pleasure two and three-fold


What ” Aphrodisiacs” are and why it’s important that you use them

Ejaculation Mastery:  You many have no Problem achieving Orgasm but it’s over in Minutes.

Learn how to Last for Hours

Yes, men need sex…it’s part of their biological drive. The problem stems from the ‘jack-rabbit syndrome’. The average male ejaculates within 14 minutes of initiating sex. Good for him, but she’s left wanting more . Ejaculation Mastery teaches you to last longer, have deeper pleasure and become multi-orgasmic.


  • Men can be multi-orgasmic~ you just need to be taught how

  • What are the three types of male orgasms and the benefit of each

  • Why creating an “Arousal Map” is vital in learning control

  • The 10 different stages of arousal and  to identify them

  • What a “Soft Entry” is and how to do it

  • The 4 stages of erection and how you use them. And how NOT to use them

  • How to recognize and stop an impending ejaculation before it’s too late

  • What is “PC Pumping” and how it enriches your lovemaking

  • The benefits of masturbation for you AND your partner

  • Why separating orgasm from ejaculation improves your lovemaking

  • Why full body massage (FBSM) is beneficial, to BOTH partners

  • Where the  wonderful “Sea of Intimacy” points of your body are

  • The acupressure points to use when you need to delay ejaculation

  • The pros and cons of “quickies”

  • What the best aphrodisiacs are and how to use them

  • How to accomplish an orgasm without ejaculation and LIKE it

  • The knowledge about erections that erases performance anxiety

  • How breathing delays ejaculation but improves the orgasm

  • What the benefits of “Deep Belly Breathing” are  for both you and your lover

  • What condoms can be used for

  • The role of “Shallow Thrusting” and how it prolongs lovemaking

  • What’s the “Passion Pump” and how it circulates sexual energy, so you can re-use it

Elevate your Stud Factor!

  • Last as long as you want in active lovemaking, including during intercourse.

  • Give your female partner full sexual satisfaction by taking as long as she wants to have all the orgasms she wishes.

  • Your relationship with your lover can be immeasurably enhanced and strengthened.

  • Experience much more physical pleasure, more than you could possibly imagine.

  • Become a multi-orgasmic man, having any number of orgasms in a single session of lovemaking that extends over hours.

  • Each orgasm can last longer and be more intense than an ordinary ejaculation. Usually these orgasms are experienced as pleasure throughout the body rather than being restricted to the genitals alone.

  • Maintain optimal prostate health.

  • Super-boost your immune system for total well-being, rarely getting sick and recovering quickly when you do.

  • Experience a tremendous increase in available energy throughout each day.

  • Draw upon a deep source of creativity to to apply to other areas of your life; i.e., business, science, sports and the arts.

  • Gain a competitive advantage over other males who do not know how to do this.

  • Experience states of sexual/spiritual ecstasy in which time stands still and the boundaries between you and your lover disappear.

  • Experience mystical altered states of consciousness.

  • Radiate the self-confidence and charisma that you have envied in those smug, superior alpha males.