Ottawa Divine Tantric Touch Healing Bodywork Services…

Ottawa’s Divine Tantric Touch Healing Bodywork is a highly sought after sensual experience appreciated by a growing host of exultant clients.  Mere words fail to describe the depth and pleasure of  this ecstatic, erotic experience.  Just imagine profound relaxation amplified and spiced up by a variety of delicious erotic elements!   Erotic healing bodywork is a door to new sensual dimensions, to ever higher and deeper levels of epicurean indulgence.
Tantra healing bodywork gained its popularity for its ability to deeply relax the body, releasing all the accumulated stress and strain of modern life, unblocking the body’s energy flow and gently calming  the mind. Thus, this sexually rewarding healing bodywork technique also possesses tremendous healing, restorative and rejuvenating benefits.
A Description of  Various Tantric Healing Bodywork Options follows:
Body-to-body Healing bodywork…Erotic bodywork is especially appreciated by those true sensual connoisseurs.  After all, this luxurious indulgence is unparalleled in its ability to deliver the most delicate erotic sensations.
Indeed, tantric healing bodywork is for those daring clients who wish to explore the unknown and push their limits in their quest  for sexual mastery and perfection.
Body-to-body healing bodywork aims to arouse a man to his highest sexual potential by employing a rich variety of sophisticated caresses, teasing strokes and seductive moves. Purposefully building his sexual arousal, the tantrika will then direct the energy, aligning it properly along the chakra channnes and body meridians to harmonize its flow.
Lingam Healing Bodywork…This session culminates in an intense but deliciously sweet orgasm  Clearly, after such an intensely arousing body- to-body healing bodywork, it is no mere relief.  Rather, it becomes a volcanic eruption of indescribable beauty and overwhelming power.
Skilled in the art of authentic tantra, the stunning Bodywork Goddess uses her innate sensuality to enhance this divine experience. Most tantric healing bodywork sessions include lingam healing bodywork in the end.  Prostate healing bodywork can deepen the pleasure and accentuate it even further. Lingam healing bodywork techniques are as carefully designed as the whole erotic healing bodywork moves. This sequence of strokes and caresses for allow the continual build up of sexual energy without release,  When it finally happens, its power transcends everything the recipient has experienced before.
Prostate Healing Bodywork...Lingam healing bodywork can be further heightened by prostate healing bodywork. The male Prostate gland is deemed to be the sacred spot.  The healing bodywork and skillful stimulation of it not only yields intense sexual sensations, but also leads to letting down personal boundaries so a man can experience profound bliss, joy and happiness. Such experiences are the deepest secret of the sexual arts and tantric healing bodywork.  Sex is not only corporeal, but also a lofty emotional and spiritual experience. This paradigm shift allows a man to better realize his life purpose. Prostate healing bodywork has been known to promote greater personal integrity, advance self-actualization, enhance well-being and boost creativity.
Sensual Healing Bodywork for Couples...If you opt to enjoy a couples tantric healing bodywork session in Ottawa, it allows  you both to explore and expand the subtleties and nuances of your sexual attraction, deepening your intimacy and establishing greater levels of mutual trust and connection. Couples healing bodywork session may or may not include genital healing bodywork. It depends entirely on your preferences and willingness to experiment. If you wish, the tantric masseuse can caress and arouse you both, but then leave the yoni and lingam healing bodywork for you to do privately.  Or, if you are open to unrestricted experimentation, you can choose to have both you and your partner’s healing bodywork. For the couples whose sex life has slid into decline and lost its raging fire, tantric healing bodywork will re-ignite the passion. You will both feel the heady excitement of having just met, as you renew and strengthen your intimate bonds.
Male Sensual Healing Bodywork and Sexual healing Session…While a growing number of women and couples have come to learn and enjoy sensual healing bodywork, it still remains most popular with men. More personal and sophisticated than traditional escort services, tantric healing bodywork is a stylish, sinless form of entertainment. Besides being a deeply intimate, highly erotic experience, no direct sexual contact takes place between a tantric masseuse and her client. Thus, there is zero risk of sexually transmitted disease or other unpleasant side effects associated with precarious escort Ottawa fun.