Sexual Healing and Tantric Transformation for Singles and Couples

Escape, Relax and UnwindSacred sexuality teachings are key for transformational healing.
Restoring the Divine Feminine to its rightful place of sacred honour can eviscerate this powerful energy’s cultural distortions.
This rejuvenation thrives in each female who evokes more of this divinity to fuel their lives.
This life force expresses as sensuality, vitality and sexuality, akin to a spiritual river coursing throughout your being and flowing slowly into the world.
This graceful current has been so misunderstood that many women cannot enjoy or embody its full blessings.

The gifts and blessings from Tantric teachings are profound.
Awakening your Divine Feminine positively influences your self-esteem, relationship quality and even the trajectory of your career.
Ulitmately, having more life force equates to enjoying an enhanced life.
As a woman’s awakened Shakti trickles into the mainstream, it serves to re-awaken the world’s Shakti to generate further healing and vitality. Sadly, our embattled world has laboured for too long under excessive masculine energy, starved for fully honored feminine compassion and receptivity.
Women who ignite their inner Shakti experience far more of life’s joy, relationship blessings, sexual ecstasy as well as a deep soul connection.
A magnificent ‘ensoulment’ occurs when souls feel embraced by heart, body and mind.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. ~Anais Nin
Are you living fully in the moment? What has been holding you back from fully immersing yourself in the now? Now is the time to unfold your authentic self and blossom so the entire world can behold your beauty. After all, you will not be more tomorrow than you are today. The world has need of your special talents at this time. You are here on earth to blossom and share your gifts with others.

In Tantra, you consciously choose to live for today and share your love, heart and gifts with others. Ultimately, your courageous choice also inspire others in your life to blossom. Imagine what a magnificent world it would be if we all could generously open our hearts and freely share our love and gifts.

You are either withholding your love in fear or giving your deepest gifts.~David Deida
A tantric love relationship is powerful, deeply connecting and transformative union.
Do you crave more love and intimacy, spiritual union and deeper sexual bonds with your partner?
Divine Tantric Touch is the art and soul of Conscious Spiritual Partnership.
In a Tantric session, we explore and weave together many tantric/taoist tools and techniques to facilitate a deeper connection to your partner.
Whether or not you are in a relationship, sacred sexual skills can help you better connect to your self, others and the Cosmos.
Learn how to reinvigorate intimate relationships.
Improve intimacy with trust and communication exercises
Explore and practice connecting to always be in synch with your own natural energy flow.
Revitalize your health, embrace love and awaken your spiritual essence through energetic connections and healing bodywork techniques.
Guided practice to cultivate your deepest heart presence
Discover the full spectrum of love, including the dark side of sexuality
Open to a deeper connection with your partner via ritual, connecting and breathing exercises.
Learn to expand your multi-orgasmic potential into whole body bliss.
Learn to circulate your vital breath up through the chakras for restorative healing and renewal.
Experience raising your sexual energy with loving intent, breathing, movement and muscle control.
Learn how to give a Sensual Tantric Healing Bodywork
Harness and move sexual energy throughout your body and surrender to your spirit wisdom.
Learn to fully receive love, care and compassion in a safe, sacred space.
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Passionate Enlightenment by Miranda Shaw
Desire, the Tantric Path of Awakening by Daniel Odier
Introduction to Tantra: The Transformation of Desire By Lama Yeshe
The Psychology of Buddhist Tantra by Rob Preece
Undefended Love by Jett Psaris and Marlena Lyons
Tibetan Sound Healing by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche
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Most of these title are available through