Spiritual Tantric Divorce…Moving Forward with Hope and Grace

Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. -Kahil Gibran

It’s never easy when a significant relationship ends. Your world turns upside down, triggering unsettling feelings. A divorce represents a painful loss  of the relationship, as well as a shattering of your shared dreams and commitments. Romantic relationships begin on a high note of hope for the future. When they fail, we naturally experience stress, grief and disappointment.
A breakup or divorce launches us into uncharted territory. Everything is disrupted…routine and responsibilities, not to mention long held relationships with your extended family and friends.  In fact, your entire identity is challenged. A breakup engenders uncertainty about the future.
What will life be like without your partner? Will you ever find another or end up alone? The unknowns often seem worse than an unhappy relationship.
Happily, you can empower yourself to successfully navigate this painful time. Rather than dragging the past into your next relationship, why not embrace the future with a healed, open heart, ready to step into an exciting world of pure possibility?
In the midst of divorce-related sadness and stress, an awesome future may seem  out of reach but you can transform your pain and loss into an opportunity to grow into a stronger, wiser person.
By applying the Spiritual Laws of Divorce, you will embark on the journey to heal your heart and find the hidden gifts  within your most painful transitions.
As a Certified Tantric Facilitator and Relationship Coach, I will support you in rising above the gravitational pull of the past and experience a profound shift in how you view yourself, your relationships and the world.  In other words, you will be empowered to access your inner wisdom.
I will continuously hold you in the highest vision of yourself.  I will support and guide you to:
  • Un-conceal your relationship story and unearth the wisdom that past relationships offer.
  • Create a vision of yourself living with a wholly healed heart and create clear milestones to support you in realizing that vision.
  • Come into full integrity with your words and actions.  Transform your current circumstances by accepting full responsibility for your life.
  • Believe in your potential enough to give up who you have known yourself to be, in order to become who you want to be.
In order to use your relationship as a catalyst for your own growth and healing, learn and apply the following Spiritual Laws: The Laws of Acceptance, Surrender, Divine Guidance,Responsibility, Choice
Forgiveness and  Creation
Program: You will receive 90-minute coaching sessions at your convenience. You will engage powerful practices to integrate new learning between sessions.  This process is for couples choosing to go through the process together or for individuals.  As well, this program is not limited to relationships but can be applied to any issue that calls for a spiritual completion.


How Tantra Helps…In Tantra, everyone we are in relationship with is viewed as our guru or master button-pusher.  Our sacred duty involves pushing our loved ones triggers’ so they have the greatest opportunity to grow.  In some relationships, we find ourselves on a journey in which we must go separate ways for the welfare of each individual.  Ideally, we would leave each other better off than how we found each other.  While it’s a great principle to espouse, it may be tough to our into practice while you are experiencing divorce-related judgments, betrayals and failures.  By examining the 7 different energy centers in the body, we see that the emotions we carry can get stuck in the energy body, resulting in residual mistrust towards the opposite sex, sexual dysfunction, and eventual poor health.
A hands-on method of sexual healing can help you process past pain so it does not hold you back from  future happiness.  You can actualize the beauty of keeping what works and letting go of what doesn’t  You can reinvent your partnership with consciousness, aligning yourself with the highest good for both of you.
By utilizing touch, breath, visualization, arousal and sound, we explore what’s being felt in the now, the present moment, to remove past blocks, while aligning our future visione:
Energy Center 1 ~ working with challenges dealing with survival, finances, death, and unexpressed grief.
Energy Center 2 ~ working with challenges  dealing with sexuality, fear, guilt, shame, pleasure, and all matters related to the opposite sex.
Energy Center 3 ~ working with challenges dealing with power, digestion, embarrassment, humiliation, manipulation, and confidence.
Energy Center 4 ~ working with challenges dealing with a broken heart.  Gently opening where we have closed. Courageously opening each room of our ‘heart  castle’ and shining light into the darkness.
Energy Center 5 ~ working with challenges dealing with claiming and speaking our truth.  Beginning the process of owning our erotic innocence, and finding our emotional voice through sound vibration.
Energy Center 6~ working with challenges dealing with balancing the mind by harnessing the brain’s left and right hemispheres.  The perfect opportunity to discover why meditation cures stress.
Energy Center 7 ~ working with challenges related to Spirituality and your connection to The Divine that fits your own personal belief system.
**Working a Certified Tantra Facilitator maximizes the full closure and  personal growth that a spiritual separation can can offer.
Each individual Tantra session is customized.


Millions of people have decided to remain seeds.


But when you can blossom into a flower and dance in the wind, sun and moon, why remain a seed?
Something informs their decision: the seed is more secure than the flower.
The flower is fragile; the seed looks stronger. The flower can be easily destroyed easily;  a strong wind can blow away its petals. The seed cannot be destroyed so easily by the wind, the seed is protected and secure.
The delicate flower is exposed to many hazards: a strong wind may come, torrential rains may fall, the sun may be too hot.
A foolish man may even pluck the flower!
Clearly, anything can happen to the flower so it is in constant danger.
But the seed is safe; thus, millions of people opt to remain seeds.
However, to remain a seed is to remain dead and have no life at all.
It may be secure but it has no life.
Death is secure, life is insecurity.
One who truly wants to live must live in constant danger.
One who wants to reach the peaks must risk getting lost.
One who wants to climb the highest peaks must risk falling somewhere or slipping down. ~Osho
I am Dakini Devi Bliss, a Certified Tantric Facilitator, Relationship Coach and Blissful Bodyworker. A gifted, lifelong spiritual seeker, I have been  formally trained in energetic aura manipulation, Kundalini awakening, Tantric healing, healing bodywork therapy and Reiki. In my multiple-disciplined approach,  I manipulate sexual energy for the highest good. With a background in tantra, kundalini yoga, meditation, qi gong, energy work, sexual psychology and relationship coaching, I employ a uniquely rich healing blend for each client. My tantra training initiation was a lengthy process extending over several years, including studies in India, to gain the experience needed to teach others.  My spiritually-based professional practice is ideal for those wish to open up to a higher, enlightened state. My work is geared for those interested in using tantra to create kundalini awakening and a deeper connection to their partner(s). I possess a joyful, nurturing persona with a peaceful warrior mindset.