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Tantric Healing Bodywork for Couples…I have been practicing a variety of Therapeutic Massage techniques for over 20 years, working at resorts and spas. At the same time, I have been practicing the Tantric Arts, cultivating my own energy and Kundalini. Several years ago, I decided to blend my expertise in both areas.   The results have been phenomenal, a  wonderful journey for both my clients and myself.
I have developed an incredible massage involving a myriad of techniques.  I offer a relaxing, healing, stress-relieving bodywork experience that works out knots and tension, relieves muscle and joint pain, clears energy blockages, balances energy, awakens the Kundalini and circulates it throughout the body. Moreover, It feels fantastic!
What to Expect…When you book an appointment, we agree on the time.  When you arrive, we may get to know each other a bit, or get right into the massage…your choice.  
Each person is  different, so each massage is different, but we usually start off with you on your back, on the table, under a sheet. Then I begin with a gentle foot massage (reflexology). This is very relaxing and feels wonderful. From there, we  go up to the neck and shoulders for some stretching and massage to work out the knots and tension from the muscles. I also do energy balancing (Polarity) to clear out blockages and restore the flow and balance of your life force energy (Chi). These techniques are extremely powerful and effective. You will feel a noticeable difference immediately.

Then, you turn over so I can work on your back. I work out all knots, tension and stress through gentle, deep tissue massage..NEVER too hard,  just deep enough. We also work the muscles in the legs and buttocks until your ENTIRE body is completely relaxed and loose. This is the end of Phase I: to release the physical stress and tension and clear out any blockages in your energy.

Phase II… involves building up the energy in your body, and beginning to awaken the Kundalini. I use a number of techniques for this. One is very light tracing my fingertips over the surface of your skin. Very gentle, very smooth and light, but not enough to be ticklish. I cover the entire body, gradually focusing into the area where the Kundalini is resting (at the base of the spine).
This part of the massage can be arousing. That is fine it is a part of the process.  I always tell every client that this treatment is for you, for your enjoyment. So if there is ever a moment where you feel uncomfortable , please let me know, and we can stop or do something differently. You cannot enjoy your massage if you feeling uncomfortable. A professional massage therapist and tantric practitioner with over 20 years of experience, I know how vital it is for you to feel relaxed and comfortable.
Another energy building technique vital to the emergence of Kundalini is energizing and balancing of the Chakras. These energy centers run up and down the center of your body. Your Chakras have a potent impact on various aspects of your self, both physical and emotional. Many can detect when their Chakras are open and clear versus closed and blocked. For example, when your Heart Chakra is clear, balanced and open, you experience a great deal of love and trust towards the people in your life, as well as the world at large. When this Chakra is closed & blocked you can feel how closed down your heart feels, inaccessible. I work on clearing, energizing and balancing all seven of the major Chakras.
By this point, you will be feeling totally relaxed and comfortable. All of the blockages should be cleared and your body is primed for the emergence of the Kundalini.
Phase III …we switch on the energy as we awaken Kundalini and draw it out into the rest of your body. As I use several techniques, it may be different for each person.  Some are not ready for the intensity of the full Kundalini experience.  Each person is unique and will have their own experience. This phase usually involves intense Tantric breathing exercises.
Those who experience the magical power of Kundalini are never disappointed. The energy is tremendous and the sensations incredible. Again,  it’s  different for everyone.
By the end of the session, you will feel both relaxed and energized, fully satisfied and at peace with yourself and the world.
COUPLES MASSAGE…As stated above, every TANTRIC session is uniquely tailored to your personal needs and heart’s desire. This is even more true for the couples massage. There are many ways to approach it. The most common is my massaging the female partner while the male partner watches. Another option is for the man to work with me and together we massage the woman.   Yet another option is for me to massage the man, with the woman helping.
I am always open to requests. Just let me know what you you would like.