When did you last honor yourself by taking time out to release your stresses and indulge your desires? 
Do you feel frustrated, unappreciated or craving sensual touch? Come and experience pleasure and play with authentic Tantra massage in OTTAWA! 
I have combined my passion for touch with years of training in various therapeutic, and sensual modalities to provide the most healing, erotic, and playful Tantric Touch Massage Experience.

My blonde hair, silky skin, crystal blue eyes, and mesmerizing smile will put you at ease as soon as we meet. My yoga-flexible body moves confidently and sexually.  
My serene studio is a space of positive energy, tantalizing massage, and erotic bliss. My heartfelt intention is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.  Our time together will be a non-rushed,  intimate encounter. Let me lead your body and soul to a higher state of joy and ecstasy that is within yourself. Put yourself in my capable hands, open yourself to pleasure,  and allow yourself to be TOTALLY pampered by a sweet, kind, gifted goddess.

My sincere desire is to share my joy, knowledge, and sensual compassion to keep my clients coming back for more. 

Together, we will ride the waves to Tantric Bliss.
I look forward to our connecting.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
THE TANTRIC TOUCH…Body-to-Body Worship…a sensual journey & healing treatment. 
After they returned from wars, Roman soldiers would visit sacred Temples to visit High Priestesses of the sacred orders. There they would be spiritually healed, emotionally nurtured and sexually soothed. Before Chris, e many such temples were found in the East – Babylonia, Nineveh, Corinth, and throughout India.
Tantric Health Benefits
The Shakti worshipping her lord of the universe is a one-to-one treatment. My intention is to build Shiva’s sexual energy. The stronger the energy, the higher the vibration level, which promotes full body cleansing and balancing . The hormones and endorphins released can cure headaches, back pain and more…the best self healing known to mankind. It is Our Shakti preparing and leading our Shiva into ORGASMIC BLISS. 
The Sacred Urban Sanctuary
You will be met at the door by your Goddess and led straight into your sacred space to take a shower.  Then you will be invited to sit opposite your Shaki and chat.  The session starts with a small ritual to acknowledge you are entering the sacred time.  You will then learn breath work to help relax and clear your mind.  Once you feel clear,  you will reach a state of deep presence.  You will experience an intense connection to your sensual nature.
The Treatment   
Now relaxed your Shakti will lead you to my massage altar where I will  work on your body to buildi your sexual arousal by heightening and teasing your senses.  Your Shaki starts by using very light, long and gentle sweeping strokes stimulating the skins little receptors….the healing art of touch, skin on skin, breath, sound, many different feathers, silk, hot oil.  Once the oil anoints your skin, I will use slow, dance-like, sensual strokes of adoration.  
Taoist /Tantric Endings
If you booked 90 minute, this Tantric Practitioner will be able to teach you some simple tantric techniques on learning ejaculation control.
If you have any sexual dysfunction, discuss this with me at the begining of the treatment.  This will allow me to pass on my  knowledge to you.  You will learn much to improve your sexual health and together we can make a plan for your healing journey.
I will provide an overview on the Tantric/Taoist technique.  For full training, you will need more sessions so that we practice everything thoroughly.
After…You will have time to rest, slowly sit up, take a shower and leave looking as immaculate as you arrived balanced and refreshed.