The Tantric Touch…A Path to Sex & Spirit Healing..






When did you last honour yourself by taking time out to release your stresses and indulge your innermost desires? 



Do you feel frustrated, unappreciated or missing that sensual touch? Come and experience pleasure and play with authentic Tantra massage in my private OTTAWA Sacred Urban 




I have combined my passion for touch with years of training in various therapeutic, and sensual modalities to provide the most healing, erotic, and playful Tantric Touch Massage Experience.
My serene private studio is a space of positive energy, tantalIzing massage, and erotic bliss. My heartfelt intention is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed, knowing that our time together will be an non-rushed, unique and intimate experience. Let me lead your body and soul to a higher state of joy and ecstasy that is within yourself . Put yourself in my experienced hands, open yourself to pleasure, and allow yourself to be completely pampered by a beautiful, compassionate, experienced goddess.
My sincere desire is to share my joy, sensual compassion, and positivity to keep my clients coming back for more. My skin is silky smooth. My body is toned and yoga flexible and moves confidently and sexually. 
My blonde hair, silky skin, crystal blue eyes, and mesmerizing smile will put you at ease as soon as we meet.  Together, we will ride the waves to Tantric Bliss
I look forward to our connecting.


I recommend you experience this journey in full starting with Massage 1 and progressing through the journey in order. 





I always advise a 90-minute minimum but a two-hour session is ideal. 



Tantra Massage 1 ~ Earth

Expanding genital pleasure into whole-body pleasure from stimulation to sensitivity.

  • Exit massage


  • Cats paws massage


  • Deep pelvic massage





Step 2: Preparing the body for Sensitivity to Pleasure.




Body imprints massage





Part 3: Full Body Pleasuring.




Erogenous zones massage 




Tantra Massage 2 ~ Fire

From physical body pleasure to energy body pleasure.


Part 1: Opening the energy flow in the spine. 


  • Jiggling the column


  • Massaging the sacrum


  • Pulsing the spine 


  • The heat stroke


  • The balancing stroke


  • Kundalini drumming





Part 2: The Taoist Erotic Massage ~ Light the fire under Water.



  • Floating the column


  • Awakening the dragon behind


  • Stirring the water


  • The wave stroke


  • Awakening the dragon in front.


  • Turning the fire Pleasuring the sex





Part 3: Afterglow in the energy body



  • Awakening the sacred body




Tantra Massage 3 ~ Air


Breathing to fan the fire, and opening the heart





Part 1 ~ Expanding Breath




The complete breath



The straw breath





Part 2 ~ Opening & connecting the chakras




Chakra oils and inner flute





Part 3 ~ Feeling the heart



  • Heart flow


  • Heart opening sequence from the Taoist erotic massage.


  • The male-female breath


  • Heart Wave


  • Heart pleasuring


  • Finishing




Tantra Massage 4 ~ Water


Letting go, a massage with a tantric goddess to take you out of mind and into body and the free flow of sexual energy and full body pleasure. Surrender to the flow of vitality & pleasure. 



  • Heart salutation standing


  • The dolphin wave


  • Splitting the body


  • Four-handed massage.


  • Pleasuring with blended stimulation





Experiencing the energy body dwelling within the physical, consecrating it as a temple to spirit.


  • Eagle’s wings energy massage
  • Awakening the Senses
  • Unveiling the face of the god.
  • Honouring the body of the god
  • Massage in Yab Yum and sliding and gliding
  • Contraction/expansion exercise
  • Pleasuring with the big draw 
  • The chakra wave
  • The Yin Yang touch


Tantra Massage 6 ~ Sacred Sexuality

Sacred Sexuality entering the ecstatic dream
  • Kundalini Shaking
  • Pelvic Bouncing
  • Snake Dance
  • Riding the wave of bliss
  • Raising the energy
  • YabYum balancing the energies
  • Merging the energies
  • Third eye connection