ALL-CHAKRA Tantra:  Divine Love’s Weaving 
The Chakras

The 1ST Chakra relates to your perineum, your need to belong, feel safe, secure and healthy, grounded in material and emotional existence. The tantric weaving of your base chakra and your lover’s means you help your love feel secure emotionally and financially. You encourage wellness as you eat, exercise and stretch together. Massage and touch each other all over.
The 2ND Chakra relates to your sexuality and reproductive organs, your needs to feel sexual and sensual. In healing sessions involving this chakra, you release emotions and reprogram put-down attitudes. Women respond to vaginal strokes and ejaculate copious, alkaline fluid, amrita. Men learn how to pull up energy instead of ejaculating, to last longer in lovemaking and to orgasm in new ways.
The 3RD chakra relates to your belly.  Chakra Tantra teaches to take what’s yours, assert yourself appropriately. Empower each other. You explore power chakra dynamics with your lover–how you bond (sometimes sweetly, sometimes sourly) into parental- child roles. Ram meditations help you return to sweet and centered interaction.
The  4TH chakra relates to your heart, guiding you to love, cherish, support, heal and encourage yourself and your lover. You communicate feelings, cultivate sweetness, romance each other. You develop dyadic consciousness, where you identify at the same time with your beloved’s consciousness and your own as parts of a greater awareness, a two-person awareness greater than the sum of your separate identities.
The 5TH Chakra throat: Expression. Hear each of your inner voices tell you what they want and need. They say how they aid you, your beloved and humanity. Choose what, when and how to express (or not express) your inner voices to other people. Honor your beloved’s many voices too. Speak authentically, kindly and effectively to each other. In one throat-chakra exercise, you sanctify sex––––speak romantically of sacred sexual organs and acts.
The 6TH Chakra:  Brain: vision, intuition, intellect: Receive, share and expand visions for yourselves, each other, others you love, your community and world. As beloveds, you intuit each others thoughts and feelings, as well as those of your children, parents, friends and others. Access the messages of dream, past life, fantasy, archetype and hero-tale.
The 7TH Chakra: your crown.  The tantric meditations we like invoke awareness of your unity with everyone and everything. Tantra helps you rise to broader perspectives of your crown chakra, yet stay aware of the wisdom of chakras 1-6.
Chakra 8, Clown Chakra:  Let yourself laugh at the proclivity to categorization that tantra uses to map the continuous, simultaneous ever-shifting dimensions in a system ruled by divine play.
Encompass more than Thinker, Pleaser or other subselves. Expand your awareness to more than your body. Expand your perspective to even more than awareness of you and your darling, more than the awareness you share with each other and with humans, with life itself, or even with the Earth.
Feel your oneness with everyone and everything, everywhere at all-times. Experience unity, that seamless web of consciousness linking the manifest universe. Merge with the latent–unformed but constantly arising–reality of the metacosmic void. Identify with divine play that can manifest all forms.